Rapid Effects Antler Lights are a unique, handcrafted, indoor chandelier style lighting solution from genuine deer antlers that have been naturally cast/dropped as part of the annual growth cycle of the deer.

About Antler Chandeliers

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No animal is harmed in this process. The antlers are individually chosen for quality and character, from this naturally sustainable source within Australia.
 Each light fitting is provided with a satin chrome ceiling canopy and up to three metres of cable, for second storey ceiling placement. The fitting takes readily available SES type light globes. All wiring has been carefully concealed within the fitting. Each fitting has been individually numbered and is unique.

Product images are various examples of the different styles and characters of each design. Due to the individuality of each and every antler, the exact pictured example may not be available at the time of purchase, though the design is constant.

Custom designs are available upon request.

Some products may vary in cost, due to a specific rarity in character. These fittings will be listed separately, with notes on their specific individuality, and priced accordingly. For details on these fittings click here.

Our light fittings are on display at these lighting retailers in NSW and Victoria:

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Light Up 
Cosmo Lighting Baulkham Hills
Deer Willow
2157 Giftwares Glenorie

Deer Willow
East Coast Lounge Mosman
Crazy Beautiful Life Richmond
Son Of A Gun St Marys

Moroka 30 Carrum Downs
Pinch Of Salt Shepparton

Red Stag, Deer & Emu Farm & Restaurant Eurobin
Style Temple Mornington


Annual Growth Cycle of Deer Antlers

DeerOnly male deer grow antlers. They are called ‘bucks’, ‘stags’ or ‘bulls’, dependent on the deer species type. Each year the deer will grow new antlers from the skull (taking approximately 90 days to grow to their full length for that season). As the antlers grow, they are covered by a soft velvet which has a blood supply that feeds the growing bone underneath. After approximately 90 days the blood supply stops and the velvet (also used in Chinese medicine) will dry up and fall off as the deer begins to rub the now itchy hardening antler bone on trees and shrubs.

Velvet3  Velvet2





The deer is now in ‘hard antler’ and ready to use his antlers to defend his territory and attack, to secure more female deer (‘does’, ‘hinds’ or ‘cows’, depending on the species) for the upcoming ‘rut’/mating season. A few months after the ‘rut’ the deer will rub his antlers for the last time as they drop or are ‘cast’ to the ground. The growth cycle now starts again. This time a larger set of antlers will grow if the food source the deer has consumed has had appropriate nutrients. The size and quality of the antler will start to deteriorate after he reaches his prime years (aged 10-14). The 1-2 year old deer only grow antlers with 1-2 points, and are called spikers for this reason.